About Diana
-Photo Credit by Allyson Wasmund Photography

Diana Anderson / artistic photographer

Hello! I am so thrilled you decided to check out my website and learn some about me!

I reside in Minnesota where I was born and raised! I am married to an amazing man, have 2 beautiful little girls who are 100% my muses and a sweetheart of a black lab named Daisy! Besides my family being my number one favorite thing in life, I also love nights out dancing with my closest girlfriends, coloring in coloring books (try it sometime if you haven't, it's quite relaxing!) and anytime I can spend around water in the summer makes for one happy girl!

I have always been in love with the art of photography but it wasn’t until both my girls entered my life that I found the inspiration and motivation to entirely dive into it. They are the light my lens is drawn to and I enjoy so much capturing all those goofy, loving, crazy moments that are my kids and family! That is what has inspired me to venture out and want to capture these special moments for others. I have really been drawn to Lifestyle Photography. The type that encompasses real life moments. I love the art of it all, the creativity that comes with it, the looks and movement people give when they think no one is looking! I have truly found my passion and I am just so excited to be able to share it with you!


Please check out my gallery! If you like what you see click the Contact tab and lets chat more about what we could create together!

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